Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip back in time.... Once upon a time in China..

It's been a while since Kel & I took a trip alone just the two of us... it's always been trips hm or family visit or with friends..

A really good visit back to our roots and also practice for my Chinese... haven't used it for a while... it's pretty amazing what our ancestors have been up to in the olden days. A chance to immerse ourselves with all the artifacts and history, legends.. stories and amazing stunning views to be shared..

Some of our best moments here to be shared....

Temple of Heaven

Forbidden City

Beijing Shopping District

Chengde Summer Palace

Longest Chinese Corridor

Little Italy in Tianjin

Giant Swiss Clock

Taking the Bullet Train

The Great Wall of China

My hand making dumplings

In a Christian Chinese Houshold in Hutong Village.. My Dumpling!!

Our hilarious rickshaw ride...

Under the sea with Jelly fish

Emperors on the Giant Chess Set

Chinese Boat ride... the old way...

Cultural shopping district..very touristy


Our yummiest Peking duck ever!!! Serious!!

How can I leave China without taking with the China Dolls... ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Years... Something worth celebrating

It's 3 years... into our relationship after 1 year long of courtship... We're come so far... been through so much.. this special time of the year is cherish much and marking a new milestone in each of our lives...

Thanks for everything.. for all the laughs.. love.. hugs... and even the misses...

We decided to make a special trip to Daysford.. we always love all things Japanese.. how else to celebrate but to spoil ourselves rotten at a Japanese Spa place with our own Jacuzzi... stay tune..

It started with a very wet morning... we arrive at Cliffy Emporium... a shop with so many goodies... Big and small...

We had some comforting hot chocolate at the Chocolate Mill...

With hsuch bad weather.. there is no where else to go so we retired to our hotel spa..

Our own Jappy water pump outside our room...

The cosy room

Did I mention private inhouse dinner...

We woke up bright and early for breakfast...

Off to the Daysford Market..

& old steam trains..

Ending with a stroll along the Lake...

Drink fresh mineral spring water direct from the pump..

A stop at the Old Beard Bakery.. it's 120 years old.. and then we head on home..


Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Chanel Moment...

Who could have known... along Collins St in Melbourne City... where it all takes place... My very first Chanel moment...

A Queen for a day... with my black and white package... all wrapped in sophistication and glamour all rolled into one... these things make a women heart skip a beat... and I've selected "the one"... that I know just spells me, me, me....

The picture doesn't do it justice... it's pretty baby pink.. in textured calf leather.... and the smell of new leather... I love it!! I truly do!!

The inside of it... girls.. eat your heart out!! hee hee....

That's me and my Chanel... I had always wanted to say that and now I finally can..

Another one with my Xmas tree!! It's feeling oh so festive at home... ; )