Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry X'mas In Melbourne........

Steamboat on Boxing Day after all the festive shopping.. it's a big thing is Aussie! Very good sale..

Steamboat alfresco.. with our new found friends.. from left; Lynn, Bee & Sharon... Gie, Me and Kel...

From left; Edwin, Jem, Kelvin (Si Bee), Freddie, Desmond and Soon Teck...

It's summer so we're fanning off the flies... they haunting our food!!

fruits, sweets, cookies, tea, coffee, even red bean soup just for dessert! We're well fed!

X'mas tree at Lynn and Soon Teck's place....

Meet my housemates, Rachel and Jieying!!

Kel's S$100 Dollar Gift... Literally..... We're gonna get rich!!

My gift from the gift exchange... lovely scented candles...

My x'mas gift from Rachel and Jie Ying! so nice of them! scented candles... i'm gonna have a sweet smelling x'mas!!

Our dazzling x'mas tree at home at Clayton..

Our X'mas dinner prepared by the housemates... Kel, Jie Ying and Rachel!

Our gifts exchange.. no wonder we're best friends... we got each other pampering beauty sets!

We got Jem a cocktail mixer.. for more of those house parties!! ;)

X'mas party with Gie and Jem

Our x'mas eve dinner at home...

look wat kel made!?!? Soup, Potatoes, Garlic bread and steak... we wanted apple pie dessert but was too filled... that's for another day...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snapshots of my Trip to Philip Island

To Philip Island to see the penguins but can't take pic cos they're sensitive to light.. so only get to take the penguin figurines.. they're sooo cute.... aw... u should come and see!

Sun, Sea and wind in our hair........

a Post card moment....

We went to a chocolate factory... see the chocolate bedroom in the..

the chocolate house!!

My Koala bear encounter!! I even gave him a pat!!

We stopped for A Maze and things it's a really neat place! look at the tap!! cool!

Today's meal special!! ME!!!!!!!!

Lunch was a lovely home cooked meala at this cosy place...

My ride in Mel... it's a 2.4 l Lancer.. it's a pretty mean machine!!

Other things in Melbourne

Pls meet Princess... the doggie we were taking care of... she is really naughty and quite a handful!!

We headed for some local foodies...yum!

Meet Danny and Elli... the guy whom help me drag my beloved clothings and shoes to mel!! Thanks!!

Kel and me... the weather's really cold we were wearing our jackets indoors too!!

How can i go without my craving of Krispy Creme!! got X'masy donuts too!! I had my fill!! :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All Prep and Ready to take on Melbourne City

My Trip down to PWC... Ready Set To Go!

Angie meet up with me for Lunch!!

Lasagne, salad, fried rice, stir fry beef... and Orange Juice

Over the river overlooking Flinder's Train Station

Taking a walk down SouthGate where we had our Lunch

Monday, December 17, 2007

Feels like Home.........

The next day I meet up with Angie and Jem for Dinner....... at Crown Casino... the resturant is called "The Pub"...

Steak with Rum

Pasta with Salmon in Creamy Sauce

My bestest friend in Melbourne Angie!! It's back to old times......... :D

Jem has been great company and super duper helpful!! Jem is Angie's boy boy.... heh...

My Steak Sandwich... big serving eh?

I'm settling in smoothly... with the help of Angie dearest and Jem.... and the trophy goes to Kelvin... opening up his life, home, car and everything else........ things are like a breeze.........and I love the cool air-con like weather and the new friends i've made.... feels like home already!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Touchdown In Mel

Finally I make my way down to melbourne touching down on the 15th Dec Sat night... then off to a steamy steamboat dinner at Sam and ray's place... it's ray's birthday and she threw a party gathering... so met up with Kel's friends... play board games and poker.......... these pple hardcore poker players man.... and wat a way to start my trip here!! but didn't manage to get any pics...

The next day off to meet Angie and Jem at Chinatown for some nice yam cha........... but didn't bring camera so just manage to snap some pic on my samsung phone....

Kel and Me along Chinatown... check out the wind in our

It's summer but the wind is pretty strong.. so had to wear my trench coat cos I'm scared of the cold...

Then off to Chadstone to get my necessities and to end it all with some pancakes from pancake palour............. they fluffy, sweet and yummy!!