Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Back from Cairns..... the land of the Great Barrier Reef!

I've always wanted to visit the wonders of the world.. and definitely Cairns is one not to be missed!
I was there for a short stay of about 5 days over last weekend... it was great!

First day was free and easy.. followed by snokelling at the great barrier reef... then third day we did white water rafting.. and fourth day was crabbing and fishing! Before you know if I was on my way back home...

Cairns city is an interesting one.. made for the tourist.. and not any but mainly Japanese.. from the LV stores carrying their prices in Yen.. to Hello Kitty koala and kangeroos.. to restaurants with most of the servers able to speak in fluent japanese.. to our very own fishing boat tour guide.. a local aussie.. speaking to japaneses... Cool!

Of cos then we had to indulge in our japanses food! we went for a Wagyu Yakiniku buffet not once but twice... see our pics!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

At the Melbourne Cup Races

I was off to the races last Tues... it's a very big thing here in Melbourne.. that it's declared a public holiday!!

It started with me feeling super excited the night b4 where Ashley came over to coach me on hair curling where we had so much fun dolling up... and also she was an angel doing my nails... to a pretty berry colour! Then it was off to bed.........

The next day.. I was up early to dressed up for the event... with a Black Ribbon that I borrowed from Gie.... Tucking it neatly on the top of my head... it did add to the occasion.. wished we had this back in Singapore... Off for a hearty breakfast at De Gras Lane... and off to Flemington...

On the train.. you could see all the people so dressed up.. all pretty and handsome.... We went for the race with Carilyn(with white flower), Garmand(with the Vest) and Evan (With Red Feather) whom was visiting from SG.... so long never see her.. it's good to meet up once again.... and also... Yong Xiang(In beige suit) and Chun li(with red hat)....

The atmostphere was amazing.. much crowd and everyone with a bottle of alcohol in their hand.. people having their own mats and sitting around on the ground while they set up for a pinic to enjoy the races..... Every girl I saw had their own Fansinator.. so interesting to look at......

The first race started at 10:20 am to the last one at 5:20pm.. where we made several bets.. but only one of the races I won... you can see me holding the lucky ticket in my hand! But overall.. nah..... did do so well....... but it's all good fun!

So who's coming to visit next year? Be sure to come during the Melbourne Cup!! :D

Fishing At Mornington!

Fishing!! Now that it is spring.. we decided to take a fishing trip! But who knew... the weather was super cold on the day.. and look at us.. all wrapped up in our jackets....

This trip.. due to the bad weather and choppy sea.. our catch wasn't that great... But I did managed to catch 1 flathead! this was very poor compared the last time when I catch abt 4 flatheads!

Well, my other friends did slightly better...... we were out with a big group about 10 of us... how cool is that?!

I hope next time it will be better!!