Friday, January 30, 2009

Kelvin's Surprise Birthday

It's Kelvin's birthday 30 Jan.. and I planned a surprise gathering for him!! With all his friends.. The surprise turned out well, as he had not suspected anything! It's either he is blur or I'm super good at managing this.. haha...

Anyways, we all had a great dinner at this little Japanese resturant at the corner.. the food was so-so but the company was great... and we went back home for drinks and play Da-di.. if you know what that is...

Kelvin had a fabulous time... Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back to Melbourne home..

Work has been non-stop since I got back... but I guess everyone is having it the same.. It's the peak over here... and for me.. lost of challenges this year...

Well, to put a cheer on my face.. I decided to have some flowers in my apartment... lovely eh?

There's a protest going on today... something you don't see everyday.. and especially not where I come from..

Weekend drive out to the city, with my new scarf round my neck.. thanks Joe! I love to be out!

A treat last week at Lygon street for some... gelatissimo!!!!

Yum yum.. mango with meringue... scrumptious!

A romantic dinner at the balcony of a cosy resturant along Lygon.. it's a romantic place...

So much for me.......and my weekends here.. how was yours?