Saturday, August 30, 2008

Other of the things that we've been up to...

Jie Ying is leaving and going back to SG... so having her farewell dinner... with Rachel, Kelvin and their clayton gang!

Having Greek Food at Souvlaki Bar!!

My home made delights!! Drunken Crab and Prawns...

Fried Cereal Butter Prawns.. Yummy!!

I also went with some friends to catch Wicked... it's really good!!

Tracy and Jean Come to Visit!

Guess what!! Tracy and Jean came to Melbourne to visit.. and here are some of the pics of our Adventures... the rest still with Angie!! Girl!! must pass me k... :D

I went along with them to Philip island on one of the weekends.... see the farm animals.. sooo cute!!

Our 1st Anniversary

Finally it's time to post some pictures.. after the many request from my family and friends...

First of all it's was on 07/07/08 that we celebrated our 1st Anniversary together.. off to dinner at this cosy Japaneses restaurant... then off to my surprise program of the night.. the viewing from Eureka tower and of cos the exchanging of Gifts!!

Arrival at Eureka Towers!!

Happy Anniversary!!

The Awesome View...

Putting on shoe covers to go out on the Edge... a observatory elevator that extents out of the building..

The Awesome view!!

Look I got a Bling Bling Watch...

& kelvin got a bling bling Man bracelet... the small square is a diamond.. who says boys don't get any eh?!